Australia’s Titanic

Sydney II Timothy Akers, BSc (Hons), MA

It is with deep thought, consideration and respect by Merlindown to the veterans, families, friends and members of the general public we now make it known that Australia’s most important ship wreck finally reveals the truth of her demise. Before we provide the irrefutable evidence that will perhaps plunge all those involved into a state of denial and recrimination, we acknowledge that many will perhaps not want to believe.  The truth, however, usually has a way of coming out.  The work involved in bringing the evidence to light has been carried out by myself with the invaluable and extremely knowledgeable assistance of my friend and colleague Keith Langridge, together with leading academics in the field of maritime history worldwide, naval architects with years of experience and many professionals drawn from the serving ranks of the Royal Navy, the Royal Armouries Naval Section, Eden Camp Museum and veterans of HMS Cleopatra.  The diligent quest for the truth by these honest and honourable people has prevailed.19nov1941_l The facts are that the light cruiser HMAS Sydney II was first found in 2006 by Merlindown, lying upright at a depth of 4,000 metres, on a sea ridge at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  An image was produced which confirmed the ship was likely to be the Sydney. Eden Camp, a modern independent museum in the North Riding of Yorkshire, hosted a display in which the location of the wreck was shown.  The subsequent press releases in the Wetherby News and the Times in 2007 caused a stir in Australia.The Finding Sydney Foundation Trust [FSFT], supposedly seeking the wreck since 1991, allegedly located the Sydney around a year after our discovery of the actual wreck.  This followed over six decades of separate and dedicated searching by family and friends of the crew.  The FSFT then mounted an expedition to film her.  The explorer David L. Mearns appears to have taken on full responsibility for the alleged discovery, history and filming of the wreck apparently supported by, amongst others, the FSFT and the Royal Australian Navy.sydney_crewThis website contains individual reports on specific areas where discrepancies occur between the supposed wreck ‘located’ by Mearns and the actual wreck of the Sydney.  We should stress that the ship was never lost – it was always in the same place, which is where we found it. The purpose of this website is to offer the truth as to the true location and condition of the wreck of HMAS Sydney II, and to demonstrate the differences of ship components of Sydney to those that have been printed in Mearns’ book. We do not want the general public, and more especially the veterans, to be misguided or mislead by any deliberate deceptions concerning the Sydney’s last resting place. Our research has been very comprehensive over the years and now we can release what we know to be true.On this site are various sections, each illustrating the discrepancies between the published version of the supposed-discovery of the Sydney and the facts. Different sections of the Sydney are covered, including torpedoes, the bakery, propeller and so on. Each can be accessed by clicking the relevant link button.