New Expedition to HMAS Sydney II

Funding has been granted to the Western Australian Museum to allow a survey of the wrecks of HMAS Sydney II and the Kormoran. Details are accessible via this link:

New Expedition

The above link was kindly provided by one of our regular correspondents, to whom we are grateful.

It will be interesting to see whether the survey alluded to above is carried out at the correct wreck site(s), this bearing in mind that the images portrayed in Mearns’ book are not of the wreck of HMAS Sydney II.

The fact that there is an expedition to survey the wrecks does raise one or two questions that the Western Australia Museum may be able to answer. For example, we are curious to know whether David L. Mearns has any involvement with the mission and, if so, to what level? Also, when the expedition to survey the Sydney (and Kormoran) wreck sites is under way, which location(s) will be inspected? If the sites identified by Mearns as being those of the Sydney and Kormoran are visited, all that are likely to be brought back are a collective suntan and  images of an empty ocean floor. If the true wreck site is surveyed, the images that they come back with will bear little resemblance to the ones currently attributed to being of HMAS Sydney II.

We would welcome a response from the Western Australian Museum to these questions and, naturally, we will keep the readers and visitors to the Australia’s Titanic website up to date with any response we receive.

In the meantime, we will be closely monitoring the results of this new survey.

Deception-1-original Sonar full

Williamson and Associates

As shown elsewhere on this site, and again here to refresh your memories, the original sonar scan of HMAS Sydney II  distinctly shows numerous features, including the ship’s catapult, the portside torpedo tubes, the boom of the ship’s crane with associated shadow feature and several of the ship’s launches. It also reveals the exact state of the bow, which has suffered damage to its top section only, rather than becoming detached from the ship.

We have seen that the sonar image depicted by Mearns differs considerably in that the features pointed out under the heading ‘Deception’ are now missing, having been completely wiped away.